How To Plan The Perfect Bachelor Party?

The bachelor parties are often planned by the best man. If you happen to be the best man for the upcoming wedding of your friend, this naturally means that the bash is in your hands! If you have never thrown a bachelor party before, then here is a helpful guide for you!

• Location – the location for the bachelor bash does not have to be downright fabulous. If you are tight on budgets, know that you are not forced to hire a hotel suite or a penthouse suite; even the apartment of the best man is good enough as long as there are people, food and activities to do. Also keep in mind that you do not have to go out of your way to hire a casino or a club to have female strippers nowadays (in case that was what was forcing you to go for expensive venues) – there are many adult-themed services nowadays that do home calls.

• Date – the date is the next most important thing to settle. Have the bachelor bash scheduled with plenty of buffer days for the wedding: many wedding planners recommend a space of at least a week between the two events, but a month is usually the best idea, for all parties involved (i.e. you will have enough time to forget of any events, embarrassing or not, that you might want to forget of the night!). Also, make sure to contact and inform all the guests attending at least three weeks in advance of the date and the venue, so that they will have time to prepare themselves.

• Guests – the guest list is another point you want to focus on. The usual and traditional rule for bachelor parties is that they are male-only events: they are attended only by the male friends and relatives of the groom. This rule is rarely broken (mainly because of the nature of the activities of the party), but other rules that can be easily broken are those where you might end up inviting guests that the groom is not overly fond of, or guests that do not get along with each other. Avoid both cases – you do not want fights to break out.

• Activities – the usual activities of the bachelor parties include lingerie waitresses and strippers together with gambling and drinking. However, nowadays most bachelor parties tend to go for more traditional and retro events, such as camping or fishing. If the groom is more into activities of the latter group, it will do you good to know that these activities are not uncommon at all for a bachelor bash.

• Things to watch out for – and to conclude, there are a few tips that you might want to remember during or after the party. For example, make any activities that are risky off limits, and do not embarrass the groom-to-be too much (i.e. stop when he asks you to!). At the end of the party, make sure no one is left behind, and that no one drives home drunk.