How To Make New Friends?

Globalization has expanded the world in a large scale where people have become so busy that they find no time to talk to friends or even make friends. In the past people were not as busy as of today and they had ample of time to communicate with each other. For example; in a village each and everyone knew about the where about of the other. Neighbours were always helpful and caring and was always willing to help at times of hardship. People would randomly gather at a common place in the evening and chat and share details about their day. This way it was easy to make friends and also the harmony between each other became strong massively. However this is not the scenario what we see of today’s world. People are so busy that let alone make friends, they find no time even to sit and communicate with their children, spouse, parents and other family members. The few  very rare occasions  that people get to meet and have a friendly chat is when there is a party thrown or when a funeral occurs or if there is some sort of family gathering. People have been drifted from having a normal social life.

Networks that help to make new friends.
This very busy lifestyle of mankind has required the need for the emergence of a link that could bind this busy human and the society. For this reason new technological requirements have been built and introduced to the market. These are called ‘social network sites’. Some very popular social network sites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, reddit, Pinterest, etc. Through these social network sites one gets the opportunity to chat with people within their country and even with people who are abroad. There are also other social networks that not only enables to chat with people but also provides the facility to video chat. That is helps to make new friends around the world by providing the facility of video chatting .Famous social sites that has video chatting or video calling are Skype, Snap chat where you can share and chat with friends about your daily lifestyle live, Omegle chat strangers: helps to make new friends and get to know them and as to how they look and also Viber helps to make calls to friends and family in a distance.

Making new friends helps to keep a person happy. By making new friends one gets to share about their working life and personal life.  This Helps people to evade out of their busy stressful working environment.

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