Disadvantages Of Prostitution & Erotic Services

Here are some of the disadvantages of prostitution.


A lot of women who are involved in prostitution are often faced with the fear of violence and a lot of prostitutes have suffered attacks from paying customers. You only have to look back at people in the past who have targeted prostitutes because it easy to get them into a private place away from the safety of others and you don’t have to be well known by prostitutes to win their services. That’s the name of the game after all. 

Because of this nothing that anyone can do can completely wipe out the violence factor for prostitutes, even if prostitution was legalised. This fact sums it up: on average prostitutes are more likely to get raped once a week.


Prostitution does lead to the spread of diseases, and just sexually transmitted diseases which a lot of people, the younger generation especially, don’t take seriously.

Diseases just as HIV and Aids are prevalent in the prostitution industry and even if prostitutes are being tested for HIV or Aids every week they will still test negative for the first four to six weeks even if they have contracted the disease. In the time they have realised they could have infected hundreds of people.

One of the best ways of abolishing the spread of fatal diseases like this is to abolish prostitution.

Here are some of the disadvantages of erotic services.

It’s Illegal

Whether you come down on one side of the erotic services argument or the other, the simple fact is in most countries sexual services in exchange for money is illegal and because of this being involved in the erotic services industry is definitely negative.
Even if you think erotic services like erotic massages shouldn’t be illegal because they aren’t as bad as prostitutes who actually have sex for money, if this erotic massage involves sexual favours for cash then it isn’t allowed.

Basically the flexibility for people within the erotic services industry to ply their trade wherever they want is very rigid.


One major disadvantage of the erotic services industry is the social stigma which is attached to those people who are involved in it, especially women.

Most women already have a hard time with judgements because a lot of society lives in the past, so the judgments in the erotic services industry are even higher. Just because you have sex or offer sexual favours for money doesn’t make you a bad person.


The erotic services industry is very hazardous and violence is definitely a part of the job.